As wOxxOm has commented, this is indeed a bug that was already reported: box not working in google chrome - Stack OverflowMay 24, 2017. User OS & Browser: macOS 10.15.4, Chrome Version 83.0.4103.61 (Official Build) (64-bit); Grafana plugins: none; Others:.. Apr 12, 2021 Opened chrome://settings page. 2.Clicked on dropdown box. 3.Able to see dropdown list and chrome not freezed. Please find attached.... Running Chrome v28 on OS X 10.8.4, by selecting an entry in a dropdown of saved usernames, I was able to fn + Delete and remove the incorrect name.. Hello Blue Prism Friends- I am having an issue with two processes now where I need to select a report from a dropdown in a chrome legacy.... Dec 30, 2016 Using the dropdown next to Automatic change it to Disabled. Chrome will automatically pop up below asking you to Relaunch the browser.. Mar 30, 2021 Is the dropdown list in a data bound control? Does the page take a long time to load? Try using Chrome's dev tool to figure if there is a bottle.... Jan 21, 2018 I have a dropdown menu that doesn't expand on however in Chrome. This issue is only new as it's worked for over a year. Seems to be fine in.... Mar 30, 2020 Users on the web interact with checkboxes, dropdown menus, and other UI elements on a regular basis. A Chrome controls redesign.... Jan 4, 2020 I can't fully use 1password X on most pages in chrome on my windows computer because the popup interface is hidden behind the chrome.... to I'm facing issue in my website there was dropdown menu on hover of country select menu list. I found the menudrop... 538a28228e

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